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  • Marcelino Aviles, Sr. Consultant – SME: Intelligence, Gangs, JISI/JTTF, Security Threat Groups, Sr. Firearms Instructor (25 yrs. - USDOJ), and Compliance. (Top Secret Clearance). (Retired FLEO).

  • Oscar Brooks, M.S., Sr. Consultant – SME: Management - SME, Security, Budgets, Compliance. (Retired FLEO).

  • Jerrold Brown, B.S., Sr. Consultant – SME: Human Resources, Security & Compliance. (Retired FLEO).

  • Don Gala, Ph.D., Chief Research Consultant; Sr. Consultant. Former USDOJ Certified PREA Auditor (3 years), Certified Correctional Trainer (16 yrs. - CTCC), Certified, past Taser Instructor (12 years - TTA) & Compliance. (Retired FLEO).

  • Charles Hooper, B.S., Sr. Consultant – SME: Employee Development, Firearms Compliance. (Contractor). (Retired FLEO).

  • Clayton Kellum, M.S., Sr. Consultant – SME: Former USDOJ Certified PREA Auditor (3 yrs.), Intelligence Officer (FBOP/JTTF-JISI), Sr. Firearms Instructor (27 yrs.), Gangs, Emergency Preparedness, Supervision and Management, Institutional Security & Compliance.  (Top Secret Clearance). (Retired FLEO).

  • Joe Mansour, B.S., Sr. Consultant – SME: Union Negotiations; OWCP Training/Representative, Middle Eastern Cultures, Mediation, and Dispute Resolution, & Compliance. (Contractor). (Retired FLEO).

  • Roland Ofodile, M.S., Sr. Consultant – SME: Cultural Diversity, Correctional Counseling & Compliance. (Retired FLEO).

Specialized Service:

  • Stephen Bosch, B.S., P.E., Sr. Consultant – SME: Licensed Mechanical Engineer - SME. (Contractor).